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Chronic Pain



Kathryn painfully struggled with a torn rotator cuff and a broken toe, chronic nerve pain and osteoarthritis requiring heavy doses of painkillers every day to get by. 

After attending her first 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat and Chanting Retreat, she was able to walk well enough to return to work.


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WEN YAO, Canada

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In February 2017 I had surgery on my right wrist. After the surgery, my pain got worse which further deprived my right hand of strength. I could not even cook rice.


I signed up for the Energy Bagua Retreat. On the fourth day after class, I was pleasantly surprised when my left hand, which had been constantly painful and numb for the past two to three years, felt normal. After the end of the class, my right hand was pain-free.


Severe Back Pain

For 40 years, Clark lived with constant, severe back pain, 8 - 10 on a scale of 

1- 10. Nothing worked to ease his pain. 

After attending his first 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat, his back is straight and can lift heavy objects. He no longer required painkillers.


Chronic Pain - Entire Body

I suffered from chronic pain for years as a result of hockey injuries, including multiple concussions. I broke six or seven bones, dislocated my ribs from my spine and played with a torn hip flexor.

After completing my first 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat, I was completely pain free, without needing painkillers or medical marijuana.


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FU TONG, Canada

Neck Pain, Tailbone Injury

I suffered from chronic neck pain for 20 years. I also suffered a tailbone injury from a fall while skiing. The pain became so unbearable that standing more than 15 minutes was a challenge; bending over to lift and carry things was near impossible.

During my first Energy Bagua Retreat, I felt energy entering my spine. Once, after walking Energy Bagua, I experienced a surge of electricity. To my amazement, 20 years of pain was gone from that day onwards.


CHENG LI, Canada

Spinal Displacement, Depression

A car accident left my spinal cord severely displaced. It pressed on my nerves, numbing the left side of my body. It also damaged my jaw, causing great pain when I opened my mouth. With each painful day, I felt deeper into depression.

I enrolled in 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat, and Energy Bagua Retreat. During the last 4 years of practice, my spine has made an 80-90% recovery. I can drive again. I am happy.



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