2020 Ullambana Festival Auspicious Light Offering Specials

The Ullambana Festival, also known as Buddha’s Joyful Day, is a day where practitioners commemorate their parents and ancestors. On this day, Earth Store Bodhisattva opened a door of salvation for all beings in Hell with his great compassionate vow. In addition, it is also a good opportunity for us to practice filial piety to lead an auspicious life.
We can offer lights in front of the Buddha with a sincere heart dedicated to our ancestors, parents of the past 7-lives, karma creditors, and the spirits of aborted infants, or those that have passed away.  Each light offering can help the one(s) who it is dedicated to - free them from darkness, liberate them from the suffering of Hell, and guide them to a blissful afterlife.

Offering and dedicating lights for our parents, relatives and friends who are alive will help them to eliminate disasters and get rid of evil energy, obtain the blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and achieve health, longevity, wealth and auspiciousness.
Regardless of who we dedicate these light offerings to, this merit from our sincere hearts can help us eliminate our sins and karma to achieve an auspicious and beautiful future for self.
Special Promotions: 
Memorial tablets worth $30 each are offered free with each Lamp Offering.
Buy one, get one free offer for lamp offerings, after first 12 Lamp offerings made.
For inquiries or to place orders, please call: 647-812-0187. 
We wish you abundant blessings and auspiciousness.


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